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The Sandy Shores Fire Station MLO is a noteworthy addition to the ever-expanding FiveM role-playing universe. It enhances your server with eye-catching graphics, useful features, and engaging experiences for players. By implementing this thorough upgrade and giving your community a one-of-a-kind, amazing gaming experience, you may stay ahead in the FiveM community.

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If you’re a serious FiveM fan, you probably already know how crucial a well-thought-out Map Modification (MLO) is to producing a captivating gameplay experience. The Sandy Shores Fire Station MLO is one such exceptional addition that breathes new life into your Grand Theft Auto V role-playing experiences. It is a painstakingly made modification. We’ll go into great depth about this modification in this tutorial, going over its features, advantages, how to install it, and potential effects on your FiveM server.

A specially created map modification made for FiveM servers is the Sandy Shores Fire Station MLO. It adds a realistic and intricate fire station to the Sandy Shores location, which improves the entire gaming experience for those who enjoy emergency services role-playing games.


  • Easy to install
  • custom prop
  • toilet room
  • Desk room
  • employees storage room
  • vehicle park
  • custom interiors
  • you can check more info on preview 

Location v3 [1691.99023, 3597.46777, 37.3732338]

Preview image :

Preview video of  fivem sandy fire station :

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Explore immersive Fivem Fire Station MLOs, including Davis and Sandy Shores. Elevate your RP with detailed Fire Department HQ and GTAV Fivem options.sandy shores fire station fivem