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MLO stands for “Multiplayer Interior”. It is a mod for the Grand Theft Auto V game that adds custom interiors to existing buildings. These interiors can be used for role-playing, custom missions, or exploring.

The Rockford Hills House MLO is a mod that adds a custom interior to a house in the Rockford Hills neighbourhood of Los Santos. The interior is a luxurious mansion with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, a pool, and a garage. It is a popular mod for role-playing servers, as it provides a realistic and immersive setting for players to interact with each other.

To install the Rockford Hills House MLO, you must download the mod from a website like Once you have download the mod, you must extract the files to a folder in your GTA V directory. Then, you must open the GTA V launcher and enable the mod.

Once the mod is enable, you can enter the Rockford Hills House by finding the door to the interior of the real-world house. The interior will be fully furnished and decorated, and you will be able to interact with all the house’s objects.

Here are some of the features of the Rockford Hills House MLO:
  • Luxurious mansion with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, a pool, and a garage
  • Fully furnished and decorated interior
  • Interactive objects
  • Compatible with role-playing servers

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