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The fivem server refers to a high-capacity Qbcore server with special features, regarded as the best among its counterparts. Unlike other servers, you won’t have to hire a developer to create custom scripts because the server comes with a diverse range of scripts included in the package.

We are aware of how crucial it is to try before you buy. For prospective clients to investigate and get a firsthand look of our qbcore Full Server, we provide a live test server that is operational around-the-clock. See for yourself the dynamic features, smooth performance, and immersive FiveM gameplay that our servers have to offer. To access the test server and learn why our FiveM server is the best option for your gaming needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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Take advantage of our Advance Qbcore Full FiveM Server to experience great gaming. Purchase your server now to enjoy an interactive role-playing game based on the QBCore Framework.

To set up the server, you just need to install it on your hosting platform. Once installed, you can easily invite players to join and play on the server. This server simplifies the process of creating a unique and feature-rich gaming experience by providing a comprehensive package of scripts, eliminating the need for additional development work.

a high capacity for concurrent players, providing a robust and immersive gaming experience. The inclusion of premium maps, original scripts, unique vehicles, and exclusive EUPs enhances the overall gameplay, making it a comprehensive package for server administrators and players alike. It’s essentially a turnkey solution, requiring minimal additional development work, and is ready for hosting once installed on your server platform.

These servers are not custom core-based servers; only scripts that are compatible with the most of QBCore [Qbus] are.

fivem qbcore server


  • Framework and Inspiration:
    • Builds upon the latest QBCore Framework.
    • Heavily inspired by NoPixel 3.5 offering a similar gameplay experience.
  • Heists and Robberies:
    • Provides over 20 unique heists and robberies for players to engage in.
  • Drugs:
    • Features a drug system with 6 types of drugs, adding criminal elements and potential consequences.
  • Jobs and Activities:
    • Offers a wide range of over 60 jobs and activities, including:
      • Police
      • EMS
      • Mechanic
      • Car Dealer
      • And many more
  • Gangs:
    • Includes an improved gang system, fostering player interaction and conflict.
  • Banking:
    • Features an enhanced banking system for managing finances.
  • Characters and Spawning:
    • Allows players to create multiple characters with an improved spawning system.
  • UI:
    • Delivers an improved user interface for better navigation and interaction.
  • Job Progression:
    • Incorporates job grades/ranks with boss menus, enabling career advancement and management.
  • Discord Integration:
    • Connects with Discord for rich presence, server logs, and potential community engagement.
  • Emotes and Dances:
    • Provides a new EmoteMenu with custom emotes and over 3000 dances, similar to NoPixel.
  • Anticheat:
    • Includes anticheat measures to protect the server from unfair play and disruptions.


  • Clothing:
    • Offers a massive clothing pack with 15,000 assets, enabling extensive customization.
  • Maps:
    • Features an improved CAYO PERICO Island map for exploration and roleplay scenarios.
  • Housing:
    • Includes premium housing shells for players to own and personalize.
  • Vehicles:
    • Provides 200+ custom vehicles, including both regular and premium options, for diverse transportation and roleplay experiences.

you can check this page if want to check full features list- Fivem Server For sale 

So you can get test server access after contacting me. I have finalized these servers after doing thorough testing on features and performance. so, If you want a premium and optimized FiveM server, this is the best choice for you.


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