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Demand for distinctive and engaging Multi-Level Overhaul (MLO) scripts has been developing rapidly in the ever-changing realm of FiveM roleplay servers. The Cockatoos MLO for FiveM is one such remarkable contribution to the scene. This screenplay aims to enhance the game experience by presenting a vibrant, painstakingly created setting that embodies innovation and creativity.





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The incorporation of lively and active creatures, known as cockatoos, into the game environment causes an unexpected turn in the FiveM universe. These animated and vibrant birds give FiveM’s virtual environments a novel and captivating touch, making for an unforgettable gaming experience.

With the Cockatoos MLO for FiveM, server administrators may improve their virtual environments with a flexible tool that offers a new viewpoint. Multi-Level Overhaul scripts, such as Cockatoos MLO, seek to reinvent the in-game experience by providing players with a visually appealing and functionally varied environment.

Dynamic interior designs by Cockatoos MLO go beyond simple aesthetics. Practically speaking, these rooms encourage roleplay interactions and give the virtual environment a realistic feel. Each decor has a function and enhances the gaming experience, from interactive stores to elaborately built residences.

As a shining example of originality and inventiveness, the Cockatoos MLO is noteworthy. This premium script is a great resource for any server trying to improve its roleplaying experience because of its dynamic interiors, immersive surroundings, and dedication to community-driven development. Cockatoos MLO continues to lead the way in the virtual world’s evolution, opening up new avenues of exploration for fans of FiveM roleplaying.


  • Easy to install
  • custom prop
  • VIP Sections
  • DJ Booth
  • man toilet
  • woman toilet
  • Player Interactions
  • Dynamic Lighting
  • custom interiors

Location v3 (-451.4737, -33.34594, 48.88171)

Preview image   :

Preview video of  cockatoos fivem:

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Plan your visit to our cockatoos fivem today and witness the beauty of art in person. Explore our collection and experience the magic of fivem mlo creativity.

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Hawick [-451.4737, -33.34594, 48.88171]


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FiveM Cockatoos Night Club MLO - Elevate your nightlife experience with a custom map, providing a unique and immersive setting for your roleplay server.cockatoos fivem